lol i come on tumblr for the first time in months because i happened to flip onto glee and saw it was an emotional klaine scene and my entire dash is FesVSRMGJKRSGFOPRSJGFrsFKOEPRJGOPjreopGORESJDGVLJKReGSJrd BlaIIEIEINNNE kURURURUUTUTTT HAALlaALLALLPPPPPPPPP FJSIDKLGJRDGJ

Kurt Hummel


  • Lost his mother
  • Lost his first kiss
  • Almost lost his father
  • Lost the school play
  • Lost the election
  • Lost Nyada
  • Lost his dreams
  • Loses his boyfriend


you know when they kept saying “this next harry potter film is much darker” they didn’t mean in subject matter they meant the literal picture gets darker




#WOW I’VE JUST BEEN HIT BY A TRUCKLOAD OF FEELS #I’ve always felt like Harry and Draco weren’t opposites #They were two sides to the same coin #And this gif set just HURTS because ugh these two poor boys #Caught up in something so much bigger than themselves #And they’re just CHILDREN


I am byesexual as in I’m not interested goodbye


favourite glee characters 11/?: blair anderson


long distance

kurt in new york

blaine nOT in new york

i jsugahre it’s relaly HPAPPNING